Meet the Team





Meet the Team

Our story actually began in Poland, which is where Tomasz and Lena were born and raised. As hard working salespeople they decided to make the hard decision of immigrating to Vancouver, Canada in 2012. This is where they met Patryk, a skilled craftsman, while working together as apprentices for a flooring installation company. Vancouver is one of the most challenging cities for flooring. With a rabid housing market and extreme fluctuating temperatures and humidities it can cause a lot of problems for homeowners, suppliers and installers. As the team is dedicated to their craft to ensure the highest quality they have been sure to educate themselves to follow supplier guidelines and provide moisture testing on their projects to make sure that your warranty is secure.

Meet the Team

With their skills sets and clients growing the team decided to open their first company called Finishing Touch Renovations! The team then years later decided that a name change would be fitting and later changed the company name to Home Art Living.

Under these companies the team was able to grow and provide their clients with sales, installation and servicing of floors. The industry sectors that the team primarily worked in were Restoration Projects, Residential/Commercial Projects and Renovations Projects. Each sector with their own unique set of challenges the team is able to adapt and be flexible so that the right needs for each job type are met. Whether the demanding schedule of a Restoration project or the volume and crew size needed to do all the flooring in a high-rise building or working one to one with a homeowner doing a renovation we have what you need for your project’s specific needs.

The team has now decided to take their skills down to the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas. As we embark on this new journey we look forward to meeting you and helping you with your flooring project.