Getting Ready for your flooring Install

Please review the following list of things to do before getting ready for the arrival of your installation team!


Installers will not remove any breakables. Please remove the following items prior to our arrival:

  • Glass items from tables, cabinets and walls.
  • All items inside of china cabinet or other cabinets.
  • Dishes, vases and other breakables.
  • Lamps and electrical items.
  • Stereo equipment, TV, speakers, routers and any other electronic items.
  • Please remove any books, papers and items that are sitting on top of your furniture.
  • Any other breakable items that are not mentioned above.
  • These items must be removed away from the working area of all rooms prior to the arrival of the installation crew. Any breakable items that have to be moved by the installation team will be moved at the customer’s own risk. We will not be held responsible for damage to breakable items.


Removal of furniture is an optional service. If you have chosen to do this step yourself, please note the following. Please remove as much of the furniture as possible from the rooms to be carpeted. This allows the carpet to be placed underneath the furniture, which is where we’re sure you want it unless you’re a real trendsetter. IF YOU FIND YOU NEED ADDITIONAL HELP WITH THE REMOVAL OF THE FURNITURE, CONTACT YOUR CONSULTANT IN ADVANCE OF THE INSTALLATION TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS.

If the installation team is moving furniture, you will still need to note the following:

  • All breakable items must be removed as described above.
  • In bedrooms, strip the beds.
  • Remove all items from the bottom of the closets (If they are to be done)


In Kitchens and Utility Rooms:

  • Please disengage the washer, dryer, refrigerator and all gas appliances in all cases. The installers are not responsible for disconnecting or connecting these items.
  • If the installation crew is not moving these items, please ensure that they are out of the working area prior to their arrival. BE VERY CAUTIOUS WHEN MOVING THESE ITEMS BACK INTO PLACE. TALK TO YOUR CONSULTANT ABOUT THIS.