How New Flooring Can Improve your Home

New flooring can have a significant impact on the look, feel, and value of your home. Here are some ways that new flooring can improve your home 1. Enhance the appearance New flooring can transform the look and feel of your home. It can give it a fresh, updated look and create a sense of […]

Contractor Direct vs Flooring Store

Both floor contractors, like ourselves at Prestige Planks, and flooring stores can provide quality flooring services, but there are some advantages to working directly with a floor contractor that you may not get from a flooring store. Here are some reasons why using a floor contractor can be better: Expertise and Experience: Floor contractors are […]

Benefits of Glue Down Vinyl Plank over Click Vinyl Plank

Glue down vinyl plank and click vinyl plank are both popular flooring options that have their own set of benefits. Here are some of the benefits of glue down vinyl plank over click vinyl plank: Durability: Glue down vinyl plank is more durable than click vinyl plank because it is firmly secured to the subfloor […]

Floor Thickness

Sometimes the floor you choose may be thinner than your previous floor. We can help by potentially using cork underlay or levelling to build up the substrate so there is no height difference, which would help avoid the problems below. But, if these are not done then some issues can arise from a lower floor. […]

Laminate FAQ’s

What is laminate flooring? Laminate flooring is a multi-layer man-made flooring surface. It is a durable, cost effective plank flooring option. Most laminates mimic the look of hardwood but there are some options on the market that look like tile. How is laminate flooring made? Laminate floors are made of several layers fused together using […]

Hardwood Installation Methods

You have found the perfect hardwood and now it is time to install. The installation method to use is mostly determined by the hardwood flooring selected. There are three main hardwood installation types – each with its own pros and cons to consider. Nail down For a nail down installation, the flooring is affixed to […]

One Year Labor Warranty

Labour Warranty Details Prestige Planks’s labour warranty includes repairs required due to workmanship within one year of job completion. It does not include repairs originating from damage, lack of maintenance, incorrect temperature, high humidity or abuse of floors. Prestige Planks only uses products from manufacturers who will warranty their products. Warranty Claim Process Please contact […]

Getting Ready for your flooring Install

Please review the following list of things to do before getting ready for the arrival of your installation team! Breakables Installers will not remove any breakables. Please remove the following items prior to our arrival: Glass items from tables, cabinets and walls. All items inside of china cabinet or other cabinets. Dishes, vases and other […]

Why Floating Floors Fail

When Laminate Flooring first hit the United States in 1994 under the brand name Pergo, flooring installation began to change. With Laminate flooring came a floating floor with a pad underneath it. Laminate was not the first attempt of a floating floor. Vinyl manufacturers tried several times with floating sheet products. With the installation of […]

What is Floor Levelling?

Floor leveling is a process that involves the correction of an uneven substrate, typically a concrete subfloor, to provide a flat, level surface suitable for the installation of various types of flooring. Uneven floors can be caused by a variety of factors such as the settling of the foundation, inadequate site preparation, or damage due […]